Journey of Faith

Where is Mt. Ararat - the final resting place of Noah's Ark?
Where were Christians first called "Christians"?
Where are Biblical Asia Minor ...Ephesus...Antioch...
and the home of the original St. Nicholas?
Where are these places? Can we visit them today?

Come and join the adventure of our host, Victoria Barrett, who answers these and many other questions through her journey discovering the roots and growth of early Christianity. Unknown to many, much of this history - from Apostles to Crusaders - occurred in today’s Republic of Turkey, called Asia Minor in Biblical times. Second only to Israel in Biblical sites, Turkey is a treasure-trove of early Christian history. 

Traveling to 15 locations on this extraordinary journey, the viewer will visit and understand these Biblically important, but seldom seen sites during this one-hour film. Victoria visits shepherds still tending their flocks in the shadow of magnificent Mt. Ararat. She walks ancient Roman roads in the footsteps of St. Paul at his birthplace of Tarsus and sails, as he did, from the Mediterranean to the turquoise shores of the Aegean. From there the journey follows Paul to Ephesus, exploring its streets, temples and amphitheatre so well-preserved that you actually feel like you have traveled back in time. Moving up into the mountains we come to the final resting place of St. John and the Virgin Mary. 

Victoria continues on through the centuries... the seven churches of Revelation, the conversion of Emperor Constantine -when Christianity becomes the religion of an empire..., hot-air ballooning amid the fairy-tale hills of Cappadocia where early Christians took refuge…the building of Emperor Justinian's magnificent St. Sophia in Byzantium….the Crusades……to present day Istanbul. 

Victoria's journey of discovery is made interesting to viewers because she is not an academic or theologian. Instead, she is a filmmaker and actress who speaks of Biblical history in clear, understandable terms, uses animated maps to place events and places in context, and visually portrays these sites with stunning film photography. Audiences will be amazed at the amount of history packed into this one-hour documentary and how readily accessible these locations are to those who want to learn more and see for themselves. 

Christianity was born in Israel, grew-up in Asia Minor, and reached adolescence during the Byzantine Empire. That Journey of Faith wonderfully informs and excites viewers about this rich history of early Christianity.

History comes alive...